Hall of Fame

Last updated at 4:05 p.m. on the 14th March 2022

The B.U.T.T.S. League Hall of Fame is a web page dedicated to the archers and members of the league who have managed to achieve feats of strength that are deserving of their own acknowledgement.

Complete Badge Collections

It is no easy feat for an archer to be awarded all 6 of the League's badges, white through purple. It requires not only dedication to archery through performance, but also a similarly large effort towards helping the student archery community as a whole. Because of this, it's definitely worth recognising every archer that achieves both top-level performance and dedication.

The archers who have "caught them all" with complete badge collections are:

  • Arthur Coveney (Loughborough)
  • Chris Guerin (Warwick, later Cambridge, later Birmingham, later Warwick again)
  • Jack Atkinson (Cambridge)
  • Tim Jackson (Warwick)
  • Tom Cram (Loughborough)
  • Tom Hall (Warwick)

If you have been missed off this list, please let the League Organiser know so you can also be added!