Previous Winners

Last updated at 1:20 p.m. on the 12th April 2019

Below is a table of the winners of the B.U.T.T.S. League titles since 1995. Gaps in the table for certain titles (Outdoor, Field) championships means that the title was not available that year.

Year Indoor League Title Indoor Novice Title Outdoor Title Outdoor Novice Title Field Team Title
1995-1996 Birmingham Warwick
1996-1997 Loughborough Cambridge
1997-1998 Cambridge Loughborough
1998-1999 Cambridge Birmingham
1999-2000 Cambridge Birmingham
2000-2001 Cambridge Birmingham
2001-2002 Cambridge Cambridge
2002-2003 Oxford Warwick
2003-2004 Cambridge Birmingham
2004-2005 Warwick Cambridge
2005-2006 Cambridge Warwick
2006-2007 Cambridge Cambridge
2007-2008 Warwick Cambridge Warwick Warwick
2008-2009 Warwick Nottingham Oxford Cambridge
2009-2010 Nottingham Nottingham Warwick Warwick
2010-2011 Nottingham Nottingham Warwick Loughborough
2011-2012 Warwick Loughborough Birmingham Warwick
2012-2013 Warwick Birmingham Warwick Warwick
2013-2014 Derby Derby Oxford Birmingham
2014-2015 Warwick Birmingham Oxford Warwick
2015-2016 Birmingham Birmingham Warwick Birmingham
2016-2017 Birmingham Loughborough
2017-2018 Warwick Nottingham Warwick Loughborough
2018-2019 Warwick Birmingham TBD TBD Warwick

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