Update 06/09/06
Tuesday, 05 September 2006
OK, whole back catalogue of Results has been tranferred and is now accessible. On going through it, there appears to be a fair proportion missing. Anyone with copies of any of the missing results, it would be greatly appreciated if they could be borrrowed so that they could be added to the archive.


Aside from that, the website is now fully operational. It'll probably undergo minor additions, like I am toying with adding a page explaining the situation with BUSA this year. Any suggestions, as always let me know, and I will be in contact soon once the league kicks off.


Alex Stuart

BUTTS Organiser 2006/07 

Update 01/09/06
Friday, 01 September 2006
For those who are keeping an eye on the site, you will notice that a lot of content has gone up in the last week. Everything is here now except for the dates of the coming League, which I am in the middle of calculating, and the precise results history, which I am in the process of adding, but is it a length one.


Any problems, let me know through the various means available.... 

Welcome to The BUTTS Challenge League Homepage
Saturday, 19 November 2005

This site is currently under construction, but soon should be the home of the BUTTS Archery League. The league is a University Archery league involving The Universities of Warwick, Birmnigham, Oxford, Loughborough, Nottingham and Cambridge. It was originally set up by the Birmingham Archery Club who were at the time known as the Birmingham University Toucan and Toxopholy Society, hence the name of the League. 

 For the moment, we have forums up, and over the next few weeks, we should be getting up more content (as I get more used to using Mambo). In the meantime, good shooting. 

Last Updated ( Friday, 01 September 2006 )
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