Update 31/01/11
Sunday, 30 January 2011


BUTTS Leg 3!

Again an interesting leg as Nottingham take first position with both teams on equal leg points with Warwick, Nottingham only leading on Aggregate points. George Harding has broken the Gents Recurve Record with 592, beating the previous record set in 1996. With the second and third expericed teams only separated by 1 point and fifth and sixth by 2 points, the middle of the league is the closest in years. Cambridge BUTTS Gents recurve has all three medals given for the same score, only separated on Hits and Golds.


 (Loughborough Novice Team Result Corrected from Nottingham)

Cambridge Results
Nottingham Results
Full Team Results

Nottingham - 2283
Warwick - 2236
Oxford -2235
Cambridge - 2181
Loughborough - 2157
Birmingham -2155
Notts Trent - 2039
Derby -1818

Nottingham -1965
Loughborough - 1951
Oxford - 1917
Birmingham - 1900
Notts Trent -1896
Warwick - 1891
Cambridge - 1758
Derby - 1620

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Update 10/01/11
Monday, 10 January 2011

Dates for Your Diary


 The third BUTTS leg hosted by Nottingham and Cambridge will take place on Sunday 30th January.

The forth BUTTS leg hosted by Derby and Warwick will take place on Saturday 5th February.

BUTC will be hosted by Napier in Edinburgh on 19th February, with always a good showing from BUTTS so this is one not to miss. Please bring supporters to cheer on the entire BUTTS league.

BUCS Indoor will be in Cardiff on 5th March, Entries (done online by your AU) must be in by 17th February.

And the Event of the Season, BUTTS Championships and BUTTS Ball will be on Saturday 12th March hosted by Warwick. I am assured that the event will be even better than last year and not a night you will forget. (But you might depending on how the night goes). The formal attire boat race will be held for it's second year!

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Update 28/11/2010
Sunday, 28 November 2010

All Change in BUTTS

The second BUTTS leg has shown a real shift in the top positions after the first leg. Warwick lead the experienced with Nottingham missing some key characters pushing them down to 3rd, behind Birmingham in 2nd showing form unseen from this team before. Jorge Lindley taking the Gold at Trent with a PB of 583 (beating his previous PB by 19 points), and James Cowie and Matt Cole having 577 a piece at Oxford. Ladies now hard fought with Laura Bell and Ellie Dyson with 555 each only separated on golds. And closer still Trents Gents Recurve Bronze was between Steven Johnson and Jack Bryant, both from Birmingham, with equal score, hits, golds and separated on 21 “9's” to 20 to Steven Johnson. Once again Lucy O'Sullivan takes the BUTTS Ladies Compound record with 575.


Nottingham Trent Results

Oxford Results

Full Team Results

Last Updated ( Sunday, 28 November 2010 )
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