These are the allotted legs for the 2017/2018 season, for each leg there will be two venues. The host team is in bold:

Leg 1
11th November12th November
Oxford Nottingham Trent
Loughborough Derby
Nottingham Birmingham
Cambridge Warwick

Leg 2
18th/19th November 25th November
Oxford (18th) Nottingham Trent
Derby (19th)
Warwick (19th) Cambridge

Leg 3
20th January
21st January
Warwick Derby
Cambridge Nottingham
OxfordNottingham Trent

Leg 4
18th February 18th February
Derby Warwick
Nottingham Nottingham Trent


BUTTS Team Championships - NO HOST YET

BUCS Indoor Championships Northern Qualifier - Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February @ UCLan

BUCS Indoor Championships Southern Qualifier - Saturday 24th February @ Crawley K2

BUCS Indoor Championships National Final - Sunday 11th March @ Bristol

BUTC (Team Championships) - Sunday 25th March @ Birmingham

BUTTS Indoor Championships and Ball -  Sunday 4th March @ Derby

Term Three

BUTTS Outdoor Championships - TBC

BUCS Outdoor - TBC @Presumably Lilleshall (Or somewhere central like Bristol)

* = Provisional

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