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Sunday, 09 February 2014
Boat Race?

After four legs of this year's league, Derby lead Warwick by one point overall and they have the same aggregate score. This means that if they tie on score at the indoor championships, but Warwick win on hits/golds, the league will be decided by a boat race!

Back to this weekend, and Warwick's leg was quite low-scoring, with no-one breaking 570 in any category. Tak Ho (Cambridge, 569) won the gents gold ahead of Richard Anderson (Loughborough, 565) and James Jeffs (Warwick) who was one of four archers to finish on 552. Maddie Meatyard (Warwick, 561) won the ladies gold ahead of Sarah Warner (Loughborough, 546) and Maryia Karpiyevich (Cambridge, 545).

The novice golds were won by James Mole (Trent, 515) and Rosie Brandeth (Cambridge, 468), while Luke Rieman (Warwick, 458), Jake Bellamy (Warwick, 521) and Ben Sedgwick (Trent, 512) won the longbow, barebow and compound golds.

At Derby, Alex Smith (Oxford, 579) beat Tom Currall (Derby, 575) and Shaun Rhodes (Derby, 572) to win gents recurve gold. Kirstie Smith (Oxford, 561) beat Emma Harding (Birmingham, 557) and Victoria Brattie (Nottingham, 553) in the ladies recurve category.

Davi Simmons (Derby, 557-60-29) set a new league record to win the gents novice gold and Lizzie Elmer (Nottingham, 525) won the ladies novice gold. The barebow, compound and longbow golds went to Jos Sarsby (Birmingham, 524), Billy Gao (Birmingham, 575) and Matt Reeve (Derby, 364).

We're heading to Southampton for BUTC next weekend. BUCS takes place on March 1st and the league will be decided at Nottingham Trent on March 8th.

Warwick Derby

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