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Sunday, 03 February 2013
2200s All Round

Legs 3 and 4 of this season's BUTTS League are now complete, with Trent's 2205 at Nottingham meaning that all eight teams have now broken the 2200 barrier!

As Oxford BUTTS was cancelled due to the snow, the affected teams had their scores from Leg 4 doubled to make up the scores for Leg 3.

Across the four events (Trent, Oxford, Birmingham and Nottingham BUTTS Legs), there were plenty of high scores as always. Matt Reeve (Derby) set a new novice longbow league record with 400. George Harding (Nottingham, 576), Manuel Gil (Warwick, 575), Tom Cram (Loughborough, 573) and Ollie Jackson (Nottingham, 576) won the Gents Recurve categories, with victory in the Ladies Recurve going to Cambridge's Maryia Karpiyevich (twice), Kirstie Smith (Oxford) and Ellie Dyson (Trent). The highest novice scores went to Vee Srivuthicharn (Nottingham, 552) and Emma Harding (Birmingham, 499). Billy Gao (Birmingham, 581) shot the highest compound score of the legs, with Jos Sarsby (Birmingham) shooting 520 in the barebow category to just miss out on the league record on golds.

The league tables have also seen big changes, with Warwick reclaiming the lead in the experienced division and Birmingham cementing a three point lead at the top of the novice division.

NoviceLeg 1
Leg 2
Leg 3
Leg 4

Nottingham Trent14892176641836418615695215



Leg 1PointsLeg 2Points Leg 3PointsLeg 4 Points Total ScorePoints
Warwick22402226 2247 2247 8960 29 
Loughborough22387224272162 21522879419
Derby22024221752196 21964881118
Nottingham Trent21853217242186 22055874816
Cambridge22135213912131 2169865211
Birmingham20691216332106 12106 184446

Nottingham Trent Oxford

Birmingham Nottingham

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