Pre 2006/07 Changes Rules

1.     The name of the competition will be the Birmingham University Toxophily and Toucan Society Challenge Trophy, herein referred to as "BUTTS".

2.     The competition shall be contested between teams from the universities of Birmingham, Cambridge, Loughborough, Nottingham, Oxford, and Warwick. If a team withdraws from the competition it may be replaced with another from within the area with the consent of all remaining teams (via their president/captain).

3.     Each university must have an equal share of the available places (a minimum quota of 8 archers per university).

4.     Guests of competing universities will be allowed to shoot at the discretion of the organising club (who may decide to levy a charge on these guests) and the BUTTS organiser (who will consult all other club presidents/captains). These spare places must be re-allocated as quickly as possible.

5.     Guests may compete for individual medals but may not count toward any team scores.

6.     The team scores for the Challenge Trophy will be made up of the highest four recurve scores from each university. The team scores for the Novice Challenge Trophy will be made up of the highest four novice recurve scores from each university.

7.     Compound archers may not be eligible to count toward any of the team scores.

8.     To be eligible for the team scores the archer must also be eligible for BUSA competitions.

9.     There will be six categories in which prizes will be awarded: Gentleman Recurve, Lady Recurve, Novice Gentleman Recurve, Novice Lady Recurve, Compound and Barebow. These classes will stand until such time as each club president/captain asks the BUTTS organiser to make changes.

10.    A "novice" is a person who has not shot (except "have-a-goes"/summer camps etc) before September of the current academic year, and has not previously held insurance with an archery governing body.

11.    All archers who shoot for the team must be registered student members of the university for which they shoot (and should be able to provide proof of this e.g. a university I.D. card).

12.    Each of the competing universities will host a Portsmouth round (at their own expense), on a date agreed between them and the BUTTS organiser, giving at least two weeks notice of the event. All competitions must fall within the combined term times of all competing universities.

13.    All shooting, except where otherwise specified, will be shot in accordance with the GNAS Rules of Shooting.

14.    At each round medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed person in each class except in the case of Compound and Barebow where only one medal will be awarded. The organiser will levy a charge on medals to each competing university.

15.    Points will be awarded for team positions: 1st - 6 pts, 2nd - 5 pts, 3rd - 4 pts, etc.

16.    In the event of a tie score the number of hits will be totalled together in order to find a winner. If the outcome is the same then the number of 10s will be totalled.

17.    The Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the team who after the last competition has the greatest number of points. The Novice Challenge Trophy will be awarded in the same way. In the event of a tie the aggregate team score from each round will be added together to find a winner. In the event of this being the same the clubs contesting the Challenge Trophy must nominate four representatives who must down a pint consecutively. The winners of the Challenge Trophy will be the team who does this the fastest!

18.    Only the best five of the six (or four of the five, etc if less than the six rounds are shot) club scores will count towards the award of the Challenge Trophy. 

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