Birmingham's Traditions

Two words that have become synonymous with both the BUTTS League, and specifically Birmingham University's Archery Club. Mars Bar. In preparation for the days shooting, the Birmingham Captain rallies his troops before the shoot, and together, in the middle of the hall, they make a sacrifice to the Great Toucan God by stabbing a Mars Bar with one of the Captain's arrows. Then, traditionally, the Mars Bar is awarded to the archer of the opposite gender to the team captain who shoots closest to 222 that day.

Recent changes in the Birmingham Student Union have forced the former BUTTS Team to rebrand. In doing so, the legendary Toucan was forcefully replaced as Birmingham's club mascot, and many feared for the continuation of this time honoured ceremony. But resourceful as always the Birmingham Archery Team adapted, and the ceremony is still with us, although now modernized to fit in with the new ethos of the club.

As such, whenever the Birmingham Archery Team take up their bows, be it at a BUTTS Challenge Leg, BUTC or even BUSA, look for the tell-tale signs of their sacrfice to the Archery Gods. 

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