Boat Racing
A long time tradition at BUTTS Socials has been The Boat Race. But not in the sense that Oxford and Cambridge are most familiar with; this kind of race has little to do with rivers and more to do with drinking.


A team of four (traditionally)  from each university would line up, each university standing side by and side. Upon start of the race, the first man of each team would consume a pint of a beverage of his own choice as fast as possible, place the empty pint glass upside down on their head, and sit on the floor. At that time the next member of the team may begin consuming. The winning team would be the one that were all sat on the floor first. The race traditionally continues until all pints have been finished.

In 2008 the rules were standardised, and a trophy for this event was introduced.


Although intended a bit of fun, the boat race trophy is often fiercly contended with much support from club-mates. So far the holders of the trophy have been:

Date Won 
Winning Team
Universities Defeated
BUTTS Outdoor Championship
Chris Blake(2), David Hadden(2)
Oxford, Birmingham, Loughborough, Warwick Novices
Both members of the Warwick team did two pints each.
BUTTS Indoor Championship
Chris Blake, David Barnes, David Hadden, Paul Crooks
Oxford, Nottingham, Birmingham, Warwick B, Loughborough

BUTTS Outdoor Championship
Dan Venables (2), Alex Beaumont, Adam RidgewayWarwick, Oxford, Birmingham, Nottingham B
Dan Venables did both the first and last pints for his team again.
BUTTS Indoor Championship
Dan Venables (2), Alex Beaumont, Adam Ridgeway
Warwick, Nottingham B, Oxford, Birmingham, Loughborough
 Dan Venables did both the first and last pints for his team; This was the first time the boat race trophy was contested.
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