Original Rules
  • G.N.A.S. rules will apply. Green and whites should be adhered to as closely as possible
  • Each University will hold one competition
  • There will be three competitions in the Autumn and Spring Terms
  • Each club will be responsible for holding and financing its own competition (hence when all six competitions are completed, then the cost will have been evened out)
  • Each club will be responsible for its own transport costs.
  • Each club will provide its own Judge(s) and Lady Paramount in-accourdance with G.N.A.S. rules (Judges can be found within your County G.N.A.S. organisation.)
  • The round will be any indoor round e.g. Portsmouth, Worcester, Vegas or Fita 18.
  • There will be two sections, novice (being someone who started shooting this year) and experienced, with a trophy and medals at the final competition.
  • To keep the competition as tight as possible, there will be a scoring system; 5 points for a win, 4 points for second and so on.
  • The competition will be decided on a best of 5 system, effectively allowing 1 "bye" to each university.
  • Each club may enter a team (consisting of 4 members) in each class, team members will be chosen from the highest scores shot that day. Not more than a quarter the team may be represented by graduated students.
  • Teams do not have to be of mixed gender but they have to contain students presently at that University or those recentrly graduated and actively involved in the club. Please inform us if you wish to enter anyone from the later category before the shoot or they may be subject to disqualification
  • No allowance has been made for compound archers, however if you wish to shoot compound you should inform B.U.T.T.S.
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