The 2007/08 Changes
The BUSA Proposal considered in the 2006/07 Season, although not adopted the following year, did open up discussion within the League about its future and expansion. The (then) six clubs in the league were some of the largest in the UK, and some of the most successful. It was agreed that this was largely due to the regualr comeptition provided by the BUTTS League, and that if the League hoped to encourage other clubs in the Midlands to grow in a similar way, they would have to open the doors of the League to them.


As such, it was agreed at a meeting of Club Captains to offer entry to any new club in the midlands. As of this post, only Derby accepted this offer, and they joined the League for the first time in the 2007/08 Season. To accomodate their new member, and any more potential future members, the League System had to be adapted as it was not practical for seven universities to attend every leg owing to the large number of commitments this would require of each member University.


Hence the new league system was devised. It closely conformed with the favor system of BUSA in preparation for a possibly future collaboration. Each University would host a leg, and attend 4 legs in total. With four universities at each leg, this reduced the number of competitions any one university would have to attend. In the spirit of both competition and friendship, it was also agreed that a BUTTS Indoor and Outdoor Championship should occur each year; the Indoor Championship counting towards the BUTTS Challenge Trophies, but the Outdoor one being entirely independent.


Although different from the original system in a number of ways, it was decided that medals, novice categories and the social aspect of the league should not be forfeited. As such, medals are still awarded for the same categories, and the BUTTS Friendly shoot is still an anticipated event in the calendar. The BUTTS Organiser still coordinates the majority of correspondance and organisation within the league, but as they can no longer be present at all legs, the relaying of final results can be slower.


However, all the clubs believe this has been a positive step for the league, and hope that in future year other midlands clubs will sign up to join, expanding BUTTS even further.

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