Between Sessions
If you are running a competition with multilpe sessions of shooting, there are things you should do between different groups of archers shooting.
  • First ensure all archers who have finished competing have completed their scoring, signed and handed in their score cards.
  • Then, get all finished archers to clear their kit as soon as possible, and make space for incoming archers to set up their kit.
  • During this time, your club helpers should rotate the bosses (especially important on bosses which compounds have been shooting on), and replace shot target faces with new ones for the next session.
  • Have a member of your club available to guide the finisher archers to any facilities for food/drinks etc…
  • Ensure new score cards are put out for this session.
  • You should allow at least half an hour for all of this.
  • During the follow sessions, club helpers can process score cards. This involves:
      • Checking all score cards have been signed. If they are not signed, they are not legal, and as such, not eligible for the competition.
      • Check the addition on each card and all fields have been filled in.
      • Compile a list of archers in score order (remembering to separate novice, females, teams, other bow disciplines etc…), allowing space for subsequent sessions (this is obviously easiest on some form of spreadsheet).
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