Before You Start Shooting
Once your archers begin arriving, and are preparing to shoot, these are the things you should ensure you do before the competition begins in ernest.
  • Get team captains to register on arrival, and check that the details of their teams are correct. It is highly likely that teams will change between e-mailing you and arrival on the day.
  • Get your medals from of the BUTTS Organiser, who will supply them for you.
  • Provide each University Club Captain with a contact number of someone in your club who will be available all day, in case of any queries or problems. Make sure you get a contact number for each club too, in case you have to contact them for any reason (such as time delays in presentation).
  • Before commencing shooting, do a quick safety talk to the all archers covering the following minimum details:
      • Location of fire exits.
      • Location of toilets.
      • Who is the Judge for the session.
      • Who is the Field Captain for the session.
      • Any rules that may be specific to your range (such as warnings of spectator areas etc…)
      • Get the archers to check their details on the score sheets before shooting, and that they understand the score sheet.
      • If you are running one of the early legs, you will need to run through a full safety talk including whistle commands, and fast calls, as most novices will never have shot in a competition before.
  • Give people a short gap ( ~5 minutes) between the safety talk and sighters to prepare themselves.
  • For smooth running of the day, attempt to get started as promptly as possible.
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