Early Planning
These are things you should consider well in advance of the date you are planning to hold your competition.
  • Decide a date and confirm it’s availability with the BUTTS Organiser.
  • Find and book a hall for the competition on the given dates if necessary change the date:
      • Ensure the hall is long enough to shoot a Portsmouth (20rds shooting distance + boss space, shooting lines, waiting lines etc…)
      • Ensure the hall is wide enough for at least 8 bosses.
      • Make sure the hall is fitted to take the safety net you have at your disposal.
      • Ensure the hall is booked for a long enough time, accounting for setting up and putting away time, as well as shooting time.
      • Facilities such as Toilets should be readily available throughout the day.
  • Confirm the hall is booked on the given date to the BUTTS organiser, so they can then publicise the date to the other BUTTS clubs.
  • At this point, inform the BUTTS organiser how many archers you can cater for from each University, and also mention if you are planning to invite any non-BUTTS archers as guests.
  • Ensure you have paid your membership to the League for the year, as the BUTTS organiser will need this WELL in advance in order to get your medals in time.
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